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1st Place   Cocker Spaniel Parti   Galaksi This Is Me
2nd Place   German Wirehaired Pointer   GCH CH Reece Afterhours The Buck Stops Here JH
3rd Place   English Springer Spaniel   GCH CH Ocoee Dsqd With A Vengeance
4th Place   Irish Setter   GCH CH Militza's My Cherie Amour

1st Place   American Foxhound   GCH CH Kiarry's Pandora's Box
2nd Place   Ibizan Hound   GCH CH Serandida Abbaio La Contessa Scalza SC
3rd Place   Otterhound   GCH CH Aberdeens Under The Influence
4th Place   Dachshund (Longhaired)   CH Jarbsy's Let The Crazy Out

1st Place   Rottweiler   GCH CH Robban's Invincible CD
2nd Place   Giant Schnauzer   GCH CH Nightline Viking A Tanglewood
3rd Place   Alaskan Malamute   WOLFHOLIC'S EXTRAORDINARY
4th Place   Neapolitan Mastiff   GCH CH Ironwood's Papparrazi

1st Place   West Highland White Terrier   GCH CH Camcrest Andsurely Jasmine
2nd Place   Irish Terrier   CH Galeway Racing The Tide
3rd Place   Miniature Schnauzer   GCH CH Rivers Force Of Nature
4th Place   Norwich Terrier   GCH CH Camio's Educated Exemplar

1st Place   Shih Tzu   GCH CH Krissy's Savvy Jasper
2nd Place   Smooth Coat Chihuahua   CH Sonnus Filho (Sanchez)
3rd Place   Italian Greyhound   GCH CH Wynson Swan Princess
4th Place   Affenpinscher   GCH CH Xela's Party Hat

1st Place   Standard Poodle   Afterglow Maverick Sabre
2nd Place   Dalmatian   Spotlight Storm Surge
3rd Place   Keeshond   CH Trumpet's Gimme Back My Bullets
4th Place   Lhasa Apso   GCH CH Xeralane's Kid Rock

1st Place   Old English Sheepdog   GCH CH Bugaboo's Picture Perfect
2nd Place   Pembroke Welsh Corgi   GCH CH Coventry Swinging On A Star
3rd Place   Australian Shepherd   GCH CH Collinswood Sparks Fly
4th Place   Bouvier des Flandres   GCH CH Obvious Sonic Boom