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Brittany - CH Trio's Mr. Rocktober
Pointer - GCH CH Penpoint In Dress Blues
Pointer (German Shorthaired) - GCH CH Kan-Point's Leading The Chase
Pointer (German Wirehaired) - CH Scotian The Man In Black JH MX MXJ MXF
Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) - CH Quailridge's Crystal Pistol
Retriever (Curly-Coated) - CH Avanti's Electra Glide
Retriever (Golden) - GCH CH Rush Hill's River Road Payoff
Retriever (Labrador) - GCH CH Fiesta's Path To Happiness
Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) - CH Javahill Surf N' Aloha Sun
Setter (English) - GCH CH Stargaze'R 'N Wingfield Wait Wait Don'T Tell
Setter (Gordon) - CH Sunrunners Veni Vidi Vici
Setter (Irish) - CH Galewinns Put Me In Coach
Spaniel (American Water) - CH Aspen Springs Water Lily CD RE JH NA NAJ
Spaniel (Boykin) - GCH CH Thornhills Ring That Jezebelle
Spaniel (Clumber) - GCH CH Moonrysn Critter James Dean
Spaniel (Cocker) Black - CH D' Lite's Lightnin Strikes Twice
Spaniel (Cocker) ASCOB - GCH CH Mei-Hardt's Shining Quasar
Spaniel (Cocker) Parti - Galaksi All Time Favorite
Spaniel (English Cocker) - GCH CH Gallant Majestic Shaken Not Stirred
Spaniel (English Springer) - CH Wynmoor Champagne Supernova
Spaniel (Irish Water) - CH Whistlestop's Fire & Ice
Spaniel (Sussex) - CH Sundowners Orion Up On The Roof
Spaniel (Welsh Springer) - CH Rock SPGS Hawk Of The Battle
Spinone Italiano - CH Standfast Maverick Queen
Vizsla - CH Relwood's Mgm Grand
Weimaraner - GCH CH Valmar's Look Who's Talking
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - GCH CH Snowybrooks Pr Pointing Boy Floyd
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Afghan Hound - GCH CH Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica
Basenji - GCH CH Jasiri-Sukari Bucking The Trind
Basset Hound - GCH CH Splash's The Professor
Beagle (over 13 in.) - GCH CH Torquay Midnight Confession
Bloodhound - CH Heathers Where Eagles Dare
Borzoi - CH Reflections I'M The Lucky One
Dachshund (Longhaired) - GCH CH Twelfth Night Sabrina Fairchild L
Dachshund (Smooth) - CH Grandgables Wee Mr Red Thorn
Dachshund (Wirehaired) - GCH CH Lockshire Detour To Sanlyn
English Foxhound - GCH CH Sunup's Parliament
Harrier - CH Kingsbury Jackpot Vogue
Ibizan Hound - CH Sunrumba's Life Today Tomorrow N Yesterday
Irish Wolfhound - CH Rysheron's Citadel De Ja Vu
Norwegian Elkhound - GCH CH Vin-Melca's Voyager
Otterhound - CH Aberdeens Under The Influence
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - CH Sonora Clarisima
Pharaoh Hound - GCH DC Sendji Nefer-Temu Neptune-Triton SC
Plott - CH Stackem Ups Travelin With Toad
Redbone Coonhound - CH Twisted Creeks Xlnt Adventure
Rhodesian Ridgeback - DC Kuwinda's Tatuaggio Della Rosa SC
Saluki - DC Jamora High Society SC
Whippet - GCH CH Primetime Chase My Entourage
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Alaskan Malamute - GCH CH Snodanc No Stress Express-O
Anatolian Shepherd Dog - CH Rbr Bal Kiz
Bernese Mountain Dog - CH Avatars Try Try Again
Black Russian Terrier - CH That's Keeping The Karma RN
Boxer - Golden Raining Of Tierradentro
Bullmastiff - CH Desert Winds Long Road To Ruin
Cane Corso - CH Antico's First Storm
Doberman Pinscher - GCH CH Horizon's Upper Echelon
Dogue de Bordeaux - CH Evergreen's Big Bruiser
German Pinscher - CH Leilani's That, That Is, Is
Giant Schnauzer - CH Balgair's Jack's Magic Beans
Great Dane - GCH CH Laurado's Dragonfly
Great Pyrenees - GCH CH Honor's Promise Of The Future
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - CH Cornerstone's Born A Bombshell
Kuvasz - GCH CH Szumeria's Wildwood Silver Six Pence
Mastiff - CH Southports Ulysses S Grant
Neapolitan Mastiff - CH Clouis Della Vecchia Roma
Newfoundland - CH Susitna's Make Me S Super Model
Portuguese Water Dog - GCH CH Patriot's Whatever Floats Your Boat
Rottweiler - GCH CH Nighthawk's Image Is Everything
St. Bernard - GCH CH Wintercrest Call Daily Kingrow
Samoyed - CH Cabaka's Gabe Of Rock Star
Siberian Husky - GCH CH Poli's ForgetAboutit
Standard Schnauzer - CH Wunderkind's Shoppin' For Clothes
Tibetan Mastiff - CH Flashpoint's Dark Defiance
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Airedale Terrier - GCH CH Devonshires Celtic Pride
American Staffordshire Terrier - GCH CH Alpine's Highwayman
Australian Terrier - GCH CH Marble Arch Lady From Castile
Bedlington Terrier - GCH CH First Class Syrah D'Hermitage
Border Terrier - GCH CH Joyful's The Sound Of Silence
Bull Terrier (Colored) - CH Soquel Millenium Black Fern
Bull Terrier (White) - CH Deslynn's Moondance At Donnybrk
Dandie Dinmont Terrier - CH King's Mtn. Angelina Ballerina
Fox Terrier (Smooth) - CH Sunrise Raconteur
Glen of Imaal Terrier - GCH CH Daulton's Maeve Of Cill Dara
Irish Terrier - CH Red Branch Ayfa Warrior
Kerry Blue Terrier - GCH CH Bluebeard's Suddenly Bridey
Manchester Terrier (Standard) - GCH CH Wilane's Notorious Rebel
Miniature Bull Terrier - CH Kingsmere Rambunctious Show Off
Miniature Schnauzer - CH Tomar's Captain Morgan
Norfolk Terrier - CH Venerie's Regatta Dr. Who
Norwich Terrier - CH Briardales Lion King
Parson Russell Terrier - GCH CH Orejac Roustabout
Russell Terrier - Vista Real's Belgium Babe
Scottish Terrier - GCH CH XTC Rumor Has It
Sealyham Terrier - GCH CH Efbe's Goodspice Easy Money
Skye Terrier - GCH CH Talakan Trumpeter Swan
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier - CH Gemstone's All That Glitters
Staffordshire Bull Terrier - GCH CH Trugrip Good Boy Dex
West Highland White Terrier - CH Whitestar's Field Of Dreams
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Affenpinscher - GCH CH Pramada N Coachlight's Naughty Nestor
Brussels Griffon - GCH CH Desert Skies Cosmic Galaxy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - GCH CH Full Of Malarkey Miles Of Aisles
Chihuahua (Long Coat) - GCH CH Ka-Lynn's Double Stuff
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) - CH Jetstar's Sangria Splash
Chinese Crested - GCH CH Kamikazi's Hot Sake
English Toy Spaniel (Blenheim & Prince Charles) - GCH CH Loujon Backroads To Paris
English Toy Spaniel (King Charles & Ruby) - CH Chasen Cole Of Carolean
Havanese - GCH CH Tamaran Up In Smoke
Italian Greyhound - CH Kc's Image Is Everything
Japanese Chin - GCH CH Chindale's Wakasan
Maltese - CH Bellarata's Glee By Design
Manchester Terrier (Toy) - CH Burmack's Parisienne
Miniature Pinscher - Gch Ch Kimro'S Soldier Boy
Papillon - GCH CH Wildfire On The Verge
Pomeranian - GCH CH Castile's Endless Love
Poodle (Toy) - CH Sharbelle Take A Chance On Me
Pug - GCH CH Woowoo Serendipity
Shih Tzu - GCH CH Xeralane's Eye Of The Storm
Silky Terrier - GCH CH Lamplighter's Bingo
Toy Fox Terrier - GCH CH Barbary Timbuctoo
Yorkshire Terrier - CH Magpie's Georgie Girl
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American Eskimo Dog - CH Nrdc Whsprs Once In A Lifetime
Bichon Frise - GCH CH Lilywhite's Shenanigans!
Boston Terrier - GCH CH Zuran's Me & My Shadow
Bulldog - GCH CH Red Dog's Unica
Chinese Shar-Pei - CH Maka Endless Summer
Chow Chow - CH Dreamland's American Revolution
Dalmatian - GCH CH Nspird Hollywood Legend
Finnish Spitz - CH Regal's Red Blue Mischief
French Bulldog - GCH CH Dejavu It's All About Me
Keeshond - CH Summerwind's Poetry In Motion
Lhasa Apso - GCH CH Suntory Beastie Boy
Poodle (Miniature) - GCH CH Danfour Debutante
Poodle (Standard) - CH Jaycee's The Count
Schipperke - CH Ebony Sand's Gone In Sixty Seconds
Shiba Inu - GCH CH Dragon House Mr.Jones
Tibetan Spaniel - CH Hi-Hope First Man On The Job For Calirose
Tibetan Terrier - GCH CH Players Just Like Butter
Xoloitzcuintli - Shida Forever (Young)
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Australian Cattle Dog - CH Pioneers Queen Of Hearts
Australian Shepherd - CH Propwash Reckon
Bearded Collie - CH Briarpatch Top That RE PT OA NAJ
Beauceron - GCH CH Desdemona Du Chateau Rocher
Belgian Malinois - CH Bord Du Lac's Vintner's Meritage
Belgian Sheepdog - GCH CH Hobbiton's Song Of Solomon Of Laralee PT
Belgian Tervuren - GCH CH Sky Acres Spy Plane
Border Collie - GCH CH Kensington's Artful Dodger
Bouvier des Flandres - GCH CH Quiche's Glamour Girl
Briard - CH Tintagel's Bronwyn De Beardsanbrow
Canaan Dog - CH River Rock Light My Way
Cardigan Welsh Corgi - CH Dragonpatch Amoretta Joliette
Collie (Rough) - GCH CH Lachki's Vampyr With Soul
Collie (Smooth) - GCH CH Tir Nan' Og The Legend Of Banzai Maguire
Entlebucher Mountain Dog - Hills To Mtns. Colorado Layla
Finnish Lapphund - Sugarok Born In The Usa
German Shepherd Dog - CH Kaleef's Katarina V Kenlyn
Old English Sheepdog - GCH CH Lambluv Gambolon Blue Thunder
Pembroke Welsh Corgi - GCH CH Segni At Coventry
Polish Lowland Sheepdog - TRAMPERUS WAWEL
Puli - CH Lajosmegyi Singin' In The Rain
Shetland Sheepdog - CH T'Hy'La's Ivanlee Court Jester RN
Swedish Vallhund - CH Aros Brave Brewster
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