AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Photo Coverage for the December 2008 Show Held in Long Beach, CA

Photo coverage for Agility Winners
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Angie Benacquisto with the 8-inch winner ’Duncan’ a Toy Fox Terrier and 16’ winner ’Dylan’ a Rat Terrier Gail Donaldson with the 12-inch winner ’April May Wicket Moxon’ a Pomeranian 8-inch winner - Angie Benacquisto and ’Duncan’ a Toy Fox Terrier and 16-inch winner ’Dylan’ a Rat Terrier; 20-inch winner - Paul Showan and ’Lacey’ a Golden Retriever; Andy Hartman, AKC Director of Agility; 24-inch winner - Gordon Simmons-Moake with ’Blitza’ a German Shepherd Dog; 12-inch winner - Gail Donaldson with ’April’ a Pomeranian; Keith VanHousen, AKC Agility Judge Gordon Simmons-Moake with the 24-inch winner ’Blitza Vom Ronin Haus’ a German Shepherd Dog Paul Showan with the 20-inch winner ’Honors Miss Racey Lacey’ a Golden Retriever
Displaying 1 to 5 of 5 Photos