AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Photo Coverage for the December 2006 Show Held in Long Beach, CA

Photo coverage for Canine Health Foundation Gala
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Carla Sanchez is a determined bidder during the live auction.  She is encourage by husband Joe Sanchez and friends. The Cocktail Party and Silent Auction are in full swing. After receiving the CHF President Award - OFA President Dr. Fran Smith poses with CHF board member Susan LaCroix Hamil and CHF President Wayne Ferguson. Presentation of CHF President Award:  CHF board member and OFA board member Susan LaCroix Hamil, OFA President, Dr. Fran Smith & CHF President Wayne E. Ferguson CHF board member Susan LaCroix Hamil addresses the audience.
Auctioneer, Darlyn Pfeiffer  with CHF board members, Susan LaCroix Hamil and Melanie Steele review plans for the live auction. CHF President Award Trophy Newly elected CHF board member Tom Grabe greets guests at the Gala. Deedy Sorenson bidding on an item. Larry Sorenson holds up with auction item as Auctioneer Darlyn Pfeiffer does her calling.
CHF ROCKS!!! Alaskan Maulamutes owners and celebrate rockers join CHF Presidents Council member Bernadette Quercio at the Gala.  From left to right: Tommy Clufeto (drummer for Rob Zombie), Eric Singer (drummer for Kiss and Alice Cooper), Bernadette, Stefan Adicka (Bass Guitar player for Dee Dee Ramone, Billy Idol and the Star Breakers), Calico Cooper (Actress and Singer in her father band, Alice Cooper), Bruce Kulick (song writer and musician for Michael Bolton Meatloaf, Kiss, currently with Grand Funk Railroad.) Gala guest hold the winning raffle ticket. Gala guest with raffle tickets and a winning smile. Debbie Burke and Ron Scott get ready to bid and bid!!! Sharon and Jim Dok are having a quiet moment at the Gala.
Terri Carter-Danzinger places the winning bid on an auction item and is cheered by CHF board member Howard Falberg and friends. As Gayle Denman looks of the auction booklet, her husband Richard gets ready to bid. Artist Patsy Ann Ward Davey with her life-size creation of Chinese Crested with winner bidder Franz Neuwirth. CHF board member Howard Falberg and CHF President Wayne Ferguson Gala guests are looking at silent auction items.
Samples of art work done by Mary Morris Collings. Celtic Canine Jewelry: Necklance and braclet set - ONE OF A KIND by artist Michael Duncan Live Auction Item: "Come out and play" Signed and dated by the multiple award winning artist Terry d. Chacon CHF President Award was presented to Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Raffle tickets!!!! Sometimes things get out of control
Beth Sweigart and Peter Green enjoy an evening for the dogs CHF board member Catherine Bell and Auction Committee Member Torie Steele. Larry and Deedy Sorenson with CHF board member Gene Mills enjoy the cocktail reception CHF Board Members: Tommy Millner, Howard Falberg and Dr. Howard Spey Enjoy the evening with friends: Leon Goetz, Pat Laurans, Jacqueline Adams and John Adams
Gala guests get wrapped up in the excitement of the night. Auctioneer - Darlyn Pfeiffer
Displaying 1 to 32 of 32 Photos