AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Photo Coverage for the December 2006 Show Held in Long Beach, CA

Photo coverage for Judges Dinner
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L to R: Robert Forsyth, Charles Kneifel (AKC Chief Information Officer) and Amy Kneifel L to R: Robert Forsyth, Ron Menaker and Mrs. Robert Forsyth View of Long Beach from the Queen Mary Kuno and Nancy Spies L to R: Dr. Anthony DiNardo and Enrique Filippini
Bill Speck and Matilda Speck L to R: Rafael DeSantiago, Hans W. Muller, Karl P. Reisinger, Dr. Jose Luis Payro, Sr. Cesar Delgado and Dr. Nestor Pedro Frascino John Lyons (AKC Chief Operating Officer) and Mrs. Lyons L to R: James P. Crowley and Hon. David Merriam L to R: Jacqueline Stacy and Terry Stacy
L to R: Ron Menaker, Rob Steele and Barbara Steele Dwain McLean (Chairman of the Canadian Kennel Club) L to R: Hans W. Muller, Karl P. Reisinger and Ron Menaker L to R: Tracey Tessier and Charles Kneifel L to R: Dr. Alexander Tabibi, Antonia Tabibi and Dennis Sprung
L to R: Dr. Jose Luis Payro, Gina DiNardo Lash and Patricia Scully L to R: Robert Stein, Roger Hartinger and Dennis Sprung L to R: Edd Bivin, Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth and Susan Sprung L to R: Hon. David Merriam, Karl P. Reisinger, Hans W. Muller, Ron Menaker, Dr. Nestor Pedro Frascino and Dr. Jose Luis Payro Maureen Smith and Kuno Spies
Sydney Good and Dennis Sprung L to R: Dr. Eric Altom and Michael Swick L to R: Ronnie Irving and Bo Bengston L to R: Jackie Gottlieb and Cindy Vogels L to R: Eugene Zaphiris, Ronnie Irving and Matt Stander
L to R: Oscar Valverde-Calvo, Sr. Cesar Delgado and Rafael DeSantiago L to R: Gail Miller, Robert Young and Gina DiNardo Lash Dennis Sprung (AKC President and CEO) unveils the Ronald H. Menaker perpetual trophy that will be presented to the Best Bred-By Exhibitor in Show at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship L to R: Sra. Susana Cento, Sra. Ines Gorrin and Dr. Nestor Pedro Frascino L to R: Ron Menaker and Dan Rajczak (VP of Proctor and Gamble Petcare)
Ron Menaker displays a photo of a young Robert Forsyth L to R: Robert Forsyth and Ron Menaker Ron Menaker and Michele L. Billings Ron Menaker - a toast to everyone Singer Gloria Loring
Displaying 1 to 35 of 35 Photos