AKC Canine PartnersSM Photo Contest

And the Winners are...

AKC extends its thanks to everyone who entered their Canine PartnersSM dogs in the AKC Canine PartnersSM Photo Contest. From Nov. 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2009 hundreds of people submitted photos of their dogs for the AKC Canine Partners(SM) judging panel to consider. The panel selected twenty winners consisting of 5 favorites and 15 finalists for their charming good looks, and the heartwarming testimonies that accompanied their entries attesting to the affectionate relationships these dogs have with their owners.

By design, the photo contest was to identify dogs who would best represent the blended faces of Canine PartnersSM dogs – a simple goal, don’t you think? Oh, not so! Even with twenty winners slots to fill, the contest judges found it extremely challenging to narrow it down, as every dog entered had a compelling face and story.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have at the American Kennel Club. And thank you for joining us in being the Champion for ALL Dogs!

The Top 5























This is Zoe.
Owner: Anne Goldenberger
Favorite Activities: Obedience and Agility events
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"I am so lucky to have Zoe as my first obedience and agility dog. She and I have an incredible connection."

This is Sadie.
Owner: Kathy Dale
In the Mix: German Shepherd
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"She is the best dog for me and I am the best owner for her – a match made in heaven."

This is Rocky.
Owner: Hannah Troupe
In the Mix: Border Collie
Favorite Activities: 4H events
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"I fell in love with him at once! I have had him for almost five years and have had so much fun showing him in 4-H."

This is Zoë.
Owner: Kim Chappell
Favorite Activities: Agility, Obedience, Therapy Dog Work, Canine Freestyles and Dock Diving
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"Zoë is... a once in a lifetime dog. She thrives on interacting with people, especially children."

This is Bree.
Owner: Betty Nagle
In the Mix: Terrier
Favorite Activities: Agility Training

"Bree is a one-of-a-kind terrier mix with bright eyes, shining black coat, with one ear up and one down. A 12 pound bundle of energy, she is loving agility training."

This is Eli.
Owner: Kathleen Jackson
In the Mix: Shar Pei, Rhodesian Ridgeback
AKC Canine Good Citizen®
Favorite Activities: Therapy Dog at local hospital; Obedience and Agility training

"Eli greets everyone with a wag and a smile. We are extremely lucky to have found such a gentle, balanced dog who makes our lives and the world better."

This is Sasha.
Owner: Laurie Robinson
In the Mix: German Shepherd, Boxer

"Sasha is an animal actor! We hope that she will become famous and with her celebrity raise awareness about spaying, neutering and adoption."

This is Kody.
Owner: Debra Wren
In the Mix: Terrier
Favorite Activities: Obedience and Agility training.

"Kody is the sweetest dog that we have ever had, and he never stops trying to please us."

This is Sipper.
Owner: Wendy Marcus

"No dog is more loving and gentle. Sipper is my boy, and whatever I’ve done for him will never equal what he has brought to my life."

This is Inuki.
Owner: Tiana Fisher
In the Mix: Cattle dog, Pharaoh, Shepherd
Favorite Activities: being a Therapy Dog
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"Inuki turned out to be such a beautiful mix that many people ask if he is a special kind of dog. I always say, ‘no special breed, he’s just a special dog’."

This is Chloe.
Owner: Jennifer Patterson
In the Mix: Hound, Labrador Retriever
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"At 11 years of age, Chloe means the world to me."

This is Kali.
Owner: Kari Koulmentas
Favorite Activities: Agility Training and Competition
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"Kali looks forward to entering AKC events in the Spring with many of her dog friends. She has never met a person who wasn’t a friend."

This is Audrey.
Owner: Jotan Dhillon.

"From day one, Audrey has given our family love, joy and comfort with her sweet personality and upbeat energy."

This is Ruby.
Owner: Jennifer Kinerk
In the Mix: Terrier

"When we returned from an overseas assignment, getting a dog for our daughter was a top priority. It seems like Ruby has been with us forever, and now we can’t imagine life without her."

This is Holly.
Owner: Cody Elliott
In the Mix: German Shepherd, Rottweiler

"Holly is pure joy and sunshine! When I returned home from Iraq, injured, she took care of me, helping me perform tasks that I have difficulty with."

This is Jenna.
Owner: Karen Edwards
In the Mix: Great Dane, American Foxhound

"Jenna has grown to be an 88 pound beauty – a great agility jumper. She is part of our family. We are so proud of her and love her so much."

This is Magic.
Owners: Susan Engle & Catherine Wakefield
In the Mix: Ridgeback
Favorite Activities: Agility, Obedience and Tracking training
AKC Canine Good Citizen®

"Magic is truly magical! He brings joy to us every day. He makes our lives fun and exciting."

This is Justy.
Owner: Stefanie Mabry
In the Mix: Beagle

"Justy truly is my best friend. She’s the perfect mix of tomboy and girly girl. When people ask me what kind of dog she is, I answer, ‘the best kind’."

This is Surge. Owner: Debra Wood
Favorite Activities: Being a Therapy Dog

"Plucked from Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters, timid little Surge has enriched my life in unexpected ways. Her mild manner and unconditional love for people made her a natural for therapy work."

This is Hemi.
Owners: Kim Cin
In the Mix: Miniature Schnauzer, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

"Hemi is a very fun dog that loves to play with kids and other dogs. He loves to cuddle. Everyone likes the way he looks."

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