Online Litter Registration

Online Litter Registration
Online litter Registration
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Click above to start the online litter registration process if you own the dam, but not the sire.

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If you own the sire and if the dam owner has started the online litter registration process, click above to approve the litter and complete the registration process.

Dam and Sire Owner
Click above to complete an online litter registration if you own both the dam and the sire.

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Make the litter registration process faster and easier by logging in to your My AKC account. You can now select dams and sires already in your account to simplify the litter registration process.

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Effective 11/9/09, the AKC Board of Directors
changed the requirements for registering a litter resulting from artificial insemination using fresh extended semen. The requirement that the extraction be done by a veterinarian has been removed. Litters conceived using fresh extended semen may be registered online.

Dog Registration Benefits!
Thank you for registering your litters with AKC. Please remember to educate your puppy buyers about the value of AKC dog registration. A puppy buyer not only gets the privilege of choosing an official name and recording the dog's place in breed history, but he/she also receives over $100 in registration benefits. These benefits include a free, initial veterinarian office visit, a 60-day trial of pet health insurance*, the AKC New Puppy Handbook, and reduced rates for the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Service.

Services for Breeders!
My AKC Account: You can manage your dog information online by creating and authenticating a My AKC account. Add dogs you own and sires you use in your breeding program to your account to make the litter registration process faster and easier. If you login to your My AKC account prior to registering a litter, you can select dams and sires already in your account to quickly complete the litter registration process. The system will pre-populate much of the information required to register the litter based off of your selections. Try it today! You'll love the new and improved litter registration process for My AKC account holders!

Online Record Keeping: Another great feature available in your My AKC account is Online Record Keeping. You can manage mating, birth, and puppy records using this FREE service. You can also view the registration status of puppies in your litter as well as official AKC data related to your litter registrations. To try this service, create and authenticate an account, add your dogs, and then sign up for AKC Online Record Keeping Services.