2011 Puppy/BBE Breeder/Owner/Handled Qualifiers

The following dogs have completed their Championship with all points Breeder/Owner/Handled with wins from the Puppy and/or BBE Class.

Please download this form if you believe your dog is eligible for an invitation to the December 2011 show having gained all their championship points with wins from Puppy and/or BBE breeder/owner/handled. Dog who obtain their championship with ALL points earned from the BBE class can be found on the BBE list. Please contact Michael Canalizo for any additional information concerning the Puppy/BBE eligibility.

This list was last updated on May 13, 2011.


Dogs Name

Afghan Hound DC Suni's Crimson Flare, SC
Afghan Hound DC Suni's Red Eagle Soaring, SC
Akita Ch. Avalon O'Ryan's It's All About Me
Alaskan Malamute Ch. Ice Falls Tear It Up
Alaskan Malamute Ch. Icicle Creek's Outlaw Jesse James
Alaskan Malamute Ch. Joshua's Top Gun
Alaskan Malamute Ch. ThunderKloud I'm No Secret
American Eskimo Dog Ch. Wintersun's Cherished Promise
Am. Staff. Terrier Ch. Alpine's Ring of Fire
Am. Staff. Terrier Ch. Benmars Shooters Arrow
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Ch. Birinci's Hawaiian Punch
Australian Cattle Dog Ch. Hillhaven Defying Gravity
Australian Cattle Dog Ch. Pioneers Diamond Jim
Australian Cattle Dog Ch. Pioneers Queen of Hearts
Australian Shepherd Ch. Ayrshire's Cosmic Thing
Australian Shepherd Ch. Briarbrooks Always Decked Out
Australian Shepherd Ch. Crofton Kid You Not
Australian Shepherd Ch. Propwash Reckon
Australian Shepherd Ch. Propwash Vin Fiz
Australian Shepherd Ch. Symphony's Hot Smudge Sunday
Australian Terrier Ch. Phoebe ll Christhill
Australian Terrier Ch. Sundog Pretty Boy Floyd
Basset Hound Ch. Castlehill's Your Place or Mine
Beagle Ch. Deluxe Best Foot Forward
Beagle Ch. Desert Dawg's Arizona
Beagle� 15" Ch. Fan Woods Your Still the One
Beagle Ch. Glade Mill's Sharp Dressed Man
Beagle 15" Ch. Silver Ridge Stella By Starlight
Bearded Collie Ch. Briarpatch Just One Look
Bedlington Terrier Ch. Diamond Classic Romeo
Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Allure's Dream Quest
Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Allure's Dream Walker
Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Allure's Dream Weaver
Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Hobbiton's Song of Solomon PT
Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Moonlite's Another Li'l Dickens
Belgian Tervuren Ch. Bijou Liisants Je-suis Isabel D'Paris,CGC
Belgian Tervuren Ch. MonAmi A Wrinkle In Time
Belgian Tervuren Ch. Zephre Wizard of Odds HT
Belgian Tervuren Ch. Zibelle de Mon Plaisir
Bernese Mt. Dog Ch. Maharaja's Spirit of Dakota
Bernese Mt. Dog Ch. Wyndrift's Steal Your Heart Away
Bichon Frise Ch. Windy Glen Cool Breezes
Black Russian Terrier Ch. Russian Bears Farout Frisco at Riveredge
Black Russian Terrier Ch. That's Our Zinovy
Border Collie Ch. Avatar's Seeing is Believing Bayshore
Border Collie Ch. Kensington's Artful Dodger
Border Collie Ch. Solaras-Callista Silk Stalkings
Border Collie Ch. Solaras Eclipse De Luna
Border Terrier Ch. Bravo's High Dollar Habit
Border Terrier Ch. Playmoor Jonny Quest
Border Terrier Ch. Taekan McHenry Hendley Earnshaw
Border Terrier Ch. Wildwood Wayward Angel,RA NA NAJ JE
Borzoi Ch.Aashtoria Wildhunt Hidden Agenda
Boston Terrier Ch. Abba's Majic Plymouth Rock
Boston Terrier Ch. Brio's It's A Wonderful Life
Boston Terrier Ch. Merrygold's Charming Chelbe of C and C
Boston Terrier Ch. Rocco-Kean's Classy Lady
Boston Terrier Ch. Taylwagons Jassabell of Lydanns
Bouvier des Flandres Ch. Ace's Set In Stone, HT
Bouvier des Flandres Ch. Spicy Hot du Matin
Boxer Ch. Irondale's Tapout
Brittany Ch. Castles Marmalade Skies
Brittany Ch. Farout fields Let Me At'Em, JH
Brittany Ch. Firestorm's Wild Rose
Brittany Ch. Serendipity's Northern Sky
Bulldog Ch. Avalon's Trail of Tears For You
Bulldog Ch. Crazy-Loves Constantine Angleus
Bulldog Ch. Itsa Brix
Bulldog Ch. Ohno Dot Com
Bulldog Ch. Pittmans Uncorked
Bulldog Ch. Undeniabulls Why So Serious
Bulldog Ch. Untouchabulls One Tough Cookie
Bullmastiff Ch. Desert Winds's Long Road to Ruin
Bullmastiff Ch. Nambe Hy-Bull Rainmaker
Cairn Terrier Ch. Americairn Junie B. Jones Duz It
Cairn Terrier Ch. Americairn Montclair Bathed In Moonlight
Cairn Terrier Ch. Cairndale Some Kind of Wonderful
Cairn Terrier Ch. ClannCairn's Dedre of Wolfpit
Cairn Terrier Ch. Maverston Red Baron
Cairn Terrier Ch. McCormick's Mad Jack Duncan
Cairn Terrier Ch. Runring Dangerously Adorabel
Cairn Terrier Ch. Terriwood MVP
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ch. Blackdale's Hot Summer Nights
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ch. Hylane's Simply Spooktacular, RN
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ch. Kantasia's Ride the Rhythm
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ch. Rincon You've Got Mail
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ch. Sumjammin Changes N L'Attitude FB
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ch. Mandaryn's Rant N Rave
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ch. Mayfield Lottie Dottie Doo
Chess. Bay Ret Ch. Quailridge Take It To The Limit
Chess. Bay Ret Ch. Quailridge's Windy River
Chinese Crested Ch. Cindondra's Intrepid Explorer
Chinese Crested Ch. Heavenly Little Miss Sunshine
Chinese Crested Ch. Shida Glamazon
Chinese Shar Pei Ch. Testa Dura's the Balls n My Court
Chow Chow Ch. Chowmania's Party Lika Rockstar
Chow Chow Ch. Chowmania's Saturday Night Special
Chow Chow Ch. Winsong's Quiet Storm
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Cocker County's Grand Pa's Pride
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Conquest's This Is It
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Cresentmoon's Cappucino Man
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Sherlanes Fast Forward
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Sherwoods Orion Star
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Tray-Jo's Victory Garden
Colored Bull Terrier Ch. Allegro Red Bull
Curly Coated Retriever Ch. Coventry tulle of the Trade
Dachshund Ch. Hobarra's Bugatti Royale at Brodny
Dachshund Ch. Hobarra's Bugatti Vey Ronat Brodny
Dachshund Ch. Hyders Snap A Image MLD
Dachshund Ch. Islandach's Beauty of Kaimana
Dachshund Ch. Keenose Honest Abe
Dachshund Ch. Raindox Latin Lover MS
Dachshund Ch. Raisin'l Nickelodeon
Dachshund Ch. Rhill's Total Knockout MS
Dachshund Ch. Rockin'm's Time For An Angel SL
Dachshund Ch. Ruffwyrs Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train SW
Dachshund Ch. Ruffwyrs Wasbash Cannonball SW
Dachshund Ch. Serenity's Affir Royal
Dachshund Ch. Serenity's Grace Like Rain
Dachshund Ch. Twelfth Night Sabrina Fairchild L
Dalmatian Ch. Easy To Spot Never a Dull Moment
Dalmatian Ch. Shamrock N.S.Xposur Rocket Man
Doberman Pinscher Ch. Foxfire's The Best Damn Thing of Icon
Doberman Pinscher Ch. Winmar's Wanna Get Lucky
English Cocker Spaniel Ch. After Hours Liana Sweet Talk
English Cocker Spaniel Ch. Barrister Ballerina
English Cocker Spaniel Ch. Cedarglen Monarch of the Glen
English Cocker Spaniel Ch. Cimarron Sidekick
English Cocker Spaniel Ch. Lynann's Ace's High
English Cocker Spaniel Ch. Oldwest Southern Tan-Gent
English Setter Ch. Sleepy Hollow's Scarlett O Hara
English Setter Ch. Winchester's Taylor Made
English Setter Ch. Weymouth N'Five Oakes Can Do
English Springer Spainel Ch. Oxbow's Gold Medal
English Springer Spainel Ch. Paradise Passionate Pursuit
Flat Coated Retriever Ch. Altair Martian Hop
Flat Coated Retriever Ch. Fall Flight's Timberdoodle
French Bulldog Ch. Fiesta's Mister Denero D'Hedgebrook
French Bulldog Ch. Harlie's Rowdie Dream
French Bulldog Ch. Hillie's Francis Despereaux
French Bulldog Ch. Tres Beau Barefoot Contessa
French Bulldog Ch. Tres Beau In the Buff
German Pincher Ch. Nevars Okie Dokie Temerity
German Shepherd Dog Ch. Northern Denali's Riverman
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Fox Hill's Fielder's Choice JH
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Lahrheim's Talk It Up
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Lahrheim's Talk The Talk
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Mi Karma's Colorful Vision's @ Honeybear
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Mi Karma's Eclipse of Color, JH
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Mi Karma's Wynning Colors
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Newpoint On the Rocks
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Singltrak Hailstorm Effervesce
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Still's Magic Mariah
German Shorthaired Pointer Ch. Still's Meant To Be JH
German WireHaired Pointer Ch. Afterhours Blast From The Past
German WireHaired Pointer Ch. Reece Afterhours The Buck Stops Here
Giant Schnauzer Ch. Magna's Butterfly Kisses
Giant Schnauzer Ch. Mountain High's Cactus Cooler
Giant Schnauzer Ch. Mountain High's Razzmatazz RN
Golden Retriever Ch. Gold-Rush Lady in Red
Golden Retriever Ch. Murlo's Unbelievle Paige Turner
Gordon Setter Ch. Thendhia Dream Weaver
Great Dane Ch. Heart's All Outta Bucks
Great Pyrenees Ch. Framboise BigRig Four on the Floor
Great Pyrenees Ch. Honor's Hwy Bound
Great Pyrenees Ch. Honor's Promise of the Future
Greater Swiss Mt. Dog Ch. Brendamines Rambler
Greater Swiss Mt. Dog Ch. Petra of Whispering Pine, PT
Greater Swiss Mt. Dog Ch. Swiss Run's Over the Legal Limit
Greater Swiss Mt. Dog Ch. Swiss Run's SD Denali
Greyhound Ch. Aragon Black Ice
Greyhound Ch. Bluespring All Ablaze
Greyhound Ch. DM Flag of Our Fathers
Greyhound Ch. Grimmer Genii Cucullati K
Harrier Ch. Kingsbury Jackpot Vogue
Havanese Ch. Amor Kokomo Leap of Faith
Havanese Ch. Classical's Over The Moon
Havanese Ch. D'Va's Second Star to the Right
Havanese Ch. Sunspun Fancy Dan
Irish Setter Ch. Captiva's Still Got It
Irish Setter Ch. Challenge Home Run
Irish Setter Ch. Evergreen Lucky Morn Here Comes The Sun
Irish Setter Ch. Seafarer's Red hot and Green
Irish Terrier Ch. Red Branch Ayfa Warrior
Irish Terrier Ch. Red Branch Mystic Druid
Irish Wolfhound Ch. Absolut Bristol Cream
Irish Wolfhound Ch. Carnasserie Chord
Irish Wolfhound Ch. Fleetwind Carroy Brigiol
Irish Wolfhound Ch. Quest Deal with thE Devil
Irish Wolfhound Ch. Steppin' wolf's Quantum Leap
Italian Greyhound Ch. Kaprhys You're So Vain
Italian Greyhound Ch. Raindance Mercier
Japanese Chin Ch. Feather Hill Pandee of LaBelle
Keeshond Ch. Parkee's Perpetual Motion at Shoreline
Kuvasz Ch. Glacier Creek's Wind in the Willows
Labrador Retriever Ch. Bo-Mar's Ramblin' Rocket Special
Labrador Retriever Ch. Layney's Persuasive Storm
Labrador Retriever Ch. Trillium's Kind of Cheesy
Lhasa Apso Ch. Apsolutly Desiderata Blackice
Lhasa Apso Ch. Galaxy's Whipping Up a Storm
Lhasa Apso Ch. Shoyu J Daniels
Lowchen Ch. Ashfords Molly of Cordin
Maltese Ch. Bellarata's Glee by Design
Mastiff Ch. Britstar's Extreme Justice
Mastiff Ch. Goldleaf's Spittin Image
Mastiff Ch. Jadems Rythm n Boo
Mastiff Ch. Jadems Symphonic Serenade
Mastiff Ch. Kiokee Lionhearted Savin Grace
Mastiff Ch. Mountianviews Kissa My Face Contessa
Mastiff Ch. Nacimiento Sweet Georgia Brown
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. Abacus Rainmaker
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. Gangaway's Mission Accomplished
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. Gangaway's Murphy's Exception
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. Gnagaway's Murphy's Paradox
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. Postscript Max Whole Nine Yards
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. Rocky Hill Icees " Raisin the Bar"
Miniature Schnauzer Ch. ToMar's Captian Morgan
Miniature Pinscher Ch. Bonds Rock Star
Miniature Poodle Ch. Clarion Stormfront at Jaset
Miniature Poodle Ch. Deagra Divine I Ain't Fraid of No Ghosts
Newfoundland Ch. Hapi Paws Oops! I'm Sloshed!
Newfoundland Ch. Honeylane's Paddle to Dreamkeeper from Terraline
Norwegian Elkhound Ch. Graafin Kapris' Steele Blue Kenaz
Norwegian Elkhound Ch. Silhouette's Rite Aide
Norwich Terrier Ch. Dancy's Storm Warning
Norwich Terrier Ch. Laprele Zippity Do Da
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Ret. Ch. Harry's Honey Beekauz
Old English Sheepdog Ch. Pettibone's Little Big Man
Papillon Ch. Ays Kona Storyteller
Papillon Ch. Bel's They Call Me The Queen
Papillon Ch. Candella Cr�me Brulee
Papillon Ch. Micfriends Stella De Oro
Papillon Ch. Skies Legacy Cayenne
Papillon Ch. Wildfire On the Verge
Parson Russell Terr. Ch. River Glenn Down Home Girl
Parson Russell Terr. Ch. Shasta N Sax Fifth Avenue
Parson Russell Terr. Ch. Shasta N Victorian Secret Gold
Parson Russell Terr. Ch. Sunrock's Unplanned Parley
Parson Russell Terr. Ch. Sunrock's Violet Are Blue By Rosewood
Parson Russell Terr. Ch. White River I'm a Knock Out
Pekingese Ch. Muhlin Debutante of Laro
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Dansen Karousel Ride
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Dansen Kinetic Energy
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Kee Bear Westside Bachllyn's My Way
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Marlmont's Homecoming Warrior
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Nebriowa Vivacious
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Ranpri Cardinal's Tempe
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Shiloh's Double Shot of Bailey at Phoxhaven
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Sundance Smooth Criminal
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Triple H Tommy Tee Bode
Pharaoh Hound Ch. Kr'Msun Nefer-Temu One Way Or Another
Pharaoh Hound Ch. Nefer-Temu For Your Eyes Only, JC,RE
Pointer Ch. Coralwood Amazona Tom Terrific
Pointer Ch. Coralwood Whynot Step Up to The Plate
Pomerianan Ch. Aljens Twilight Bella
Poodle Toy Ch. Sharbelle Take a Chance On Me
Poodle Standard Ch. Saphire's Rarin To Go
Portuguese Water Dog Ch. Oreobay The Secret of Drambuie
Portuguese Water Dog Ch.Patriot's Whatever Floats Your Boat
Portuguese Water Dog Ch. Pickwicks Jailhouse Rock
Pug Ch. Caper's Sirius Endeavor
Pug Ch. Kyssln-Caleb's Kindred Soul
Pug Ch. Dream's Delta Queen
Pug Ch. Valleybrook's Li'l Miss Peeper's
Pug Ch. Winsome's Dry martini
Pug Ch. Winsome's Gold Standard
Pug Ch. Winsome's N'Rocking RC's Gold Dust
Pug Ch. Winsome N'Rocking R C's Golden Nugget
Pug Ch. Winsome's Trouble with the IRS
Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch. Aegis Electra Red of Aizgos, RN,TD
Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch. BeauBijou's Kwai Baby
Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch. Courage's Sassy Sadie of Miles JC
Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch. Images In The Woods of Reddawg
Rhodesian Ridgeback Cg. Sunkissed Sould Desire By Design
Rottweiler Ch. Robban's Invincible
Rottweiler Ch. Spirit Mountains Albany of Maplemor
Rottweiler Ch. Trojan's Fast and Furious
Saint Bernard Ch. Sandrimar's April Ice v. Revilo
Saint Bernard Ch. Sierra's Justa Jigio
Saint Bernard Ch. Wintercrest Joy to the World
Saluki Ch. Chazmere Grand Theft Autumn
Samoyed Ch. Ala-Kasam's Making Spirits Bright
Samoyed Ch. Ala-Kasam's Spirit of the Snow
Samoyed Ch. Polar Mist Traces of Trouble
Schipperke Ch. Dh's Late Break'n News
Schipperke Ch. Ebony Sand's Gone in Sixty Seconds
Schipperke Ch. Ebony Sand's There Can Be Only One
Schipperke Ch. Heart-Throb Just Crusin
Schipperke Ch. Lochryan's Lanakila
Scottish Terrier Ch. Deuces Shonleh Brandy Stinger
Scottish Terrier Ch. Eroglen's Reckless Romeo
Scottish Terrier Ch. Glenkinch Let's Talk About Me
Shiba Inu Ch. Copperdots Beikoku Chika
Shiba Inu Ch. Midnight Sun's Kenai Kazuki Aki,RN
Shiba Inu Ch. Morningstar Te'A Chougei Son
Shiba Inu Ch. Pendragon Samurai Sam I Am
Siberian Husky Ch. Alnisar's Princess Anastacia
Siberian Husky Ch. Brightstar's Goin' Commando
Siberian Husky Ch. Echo Call's Bounty Hunter
Siberian Husky Ch. Mileka's Belle Starr
Siberian Husky Ch. Wilabe's Shades of the Past
Siberian Husky Ch. Zvezda's Solarwind
Shih Tzu Ch. Xeralane's Eye of the Storm
Silky Terrier Ch. RHK Bar-B Sargeant at Arms
Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Osage's Full Throttle
Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Osage's Relish the Thought
Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Osage's UR Gonna C More of Me
Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Osage's Ur Not Gonna B the Boss of Me
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch Banner Shout
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch. Baroque Top Shelf Hurrikane
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch. Baroque You Ain't Seen Nothing yet
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch. Inishkeen's Pillow Full O'Petals
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch. Kincora Tara Life In The Fast Lane
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch. Lochliner Finnegan Inverlochy
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ch. Tara Life's A Beach
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ch. Cloverdates Full Metal Jacket.
Standard Manchester Terrier Ch. Starfire's That's What it's All About
Standard Schnauzer Ch. Asgard Silver Patron
Standard Schnauzer Ch. Quasar A La Mode
Swedish Vallhund Ch. Beidelyn Heavan Can Wait
Tibetan Terrier Ch. Lyrac's Kissed By an Angel
Tibetan Terrier Ch. Zodi's Undaunted
Tibetan Mastiff Ch. Dawa Fozzie Chongy For Shanti Soul
Toy Fox Terrier Ch. Azefer Lady Diana
Toy Fox Terrier Ch. Azefer Sir Charles
Toy Fox Terrier Ch. Maldenfox Total Recall
Toy Manchester Terrier Ch. Rumor's Stepping Stone
Vizsla Ch. Brittania's Absolut Finest JH
Vizsla Ch. Brittania's Casey Wetherbee
Vizsla Ch. Jaybren's Irish Star
Vizsla Ch. Jen's Penny Matra Baci's Boogie Fever
Vizsla Ch. Kyllburg's OP1 Rocket's Red Glare
Vizsla Ch. Red Diamond Dream' A Little Dream
Vizsla Ch. Regal Point Pinnacle of Kilauea
Vizsla Ch. Szep-n-Tivoliz Call Me Kona
Weimaraner Ch. Star Straight to the Top
Weimaraner Ch. Valmar's Look Who's Talking
Weimaraner Ch. Von Tapps Debut
Welsh Terrier Ch. Reddragon's Lady Godiva
West Highland White Terrier Ch. Camcrest Caproce's Devil With A Blue Dress
West Highland White Terrier Ch. Czarcrest's True Blue
West Highland White Terrier Ch. Nsase Katahdin
West Highland White Terrier Ch. Tully Bloom's Royal Pallas
Whippet Ch. Karasar's Jester
Whippet Ch. Primetime's Tyler Milo
Whippet Ch. Wasatch Capricious Dream of the Ring
Whippet Ch. Wasatch Tangerine Dream
Wire Fox Terrier Ch. Carywyre High Voltage
Wire Fox Terrier Ch. Dalriada's Sir Robert Peel
Yorkshire Terrier Ch. Sparkling Blu My Dream of Glory