2001 VCD Title Holders

Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1)

05/01/01. CH Chateau D'Vie Great Mystique UD, Belgian Tervuren.
Owned By: Andrea L. Meinhart and Judith M. Bradley of Columbia, MO.

05/05/01. CH Teloca Fire And Rain, Beagle.
Owned By: Denise M. Nord of Rogers, MN.

05/05/01. Tiara Undine, Standard Poodle.
Owned By: Ellen Berman of Pittsburgh, PA.

05/05/01. Prelude's Jusdandy Jetta HT AX OAJ, Shetland Sheepdog.
Owned By: Rosie Lerner of Lafayette, IN.

05/06/01. Meg-Erin's Lakepointe Fortune TDX, Cocker Spaniel.
Owned By: Janet L. Madden-Bernier of Auburn, IN.

05/06/01. HC Skye's Black Rushin' UD, Border Collie.
Owned By: Frances Hoffman of Durham, NC.

05/06/01. Bruinhaus Magic Buckeye UD TDX HS, Rottweiler.
Owned By: Wm. F. Snyder, D.V.M. and Karen Toy of New Baltimore, MI.

05/12/01. CH Nani's Win'k Of An Eye JH, Weimaraner.
Owned By: Dr. Dana Smith Massey of Valley Mills, TX.

05/12/01. HC Wildfire's Ace Of Spades, Border Collie.
Owned By: Wade Campbell of Richardson, TX.

05/12/01. R"Quest Thrilseeker UD, Border Collie.
Owned By: Missi Roland of Loves Park, IL.

05/13/01. Richlu Easy's Heart of Joy CDX, Golden Retriever.
Owned By: Dorothy Hofner of Louisville, KY.

05/20/01. CH Mariner Flagship Jetty, Portuguese Water Dog.
Owned By: Cindy Mccullough of Houston, TX.

05/20/01. Echovalley Show Me The Money TDX AX MXJ, Golden Retriever.
Owned By: Dennis E. Crane and Rhonda L. Crane of W. Des Moines, IA.

05/20/01. CH Summits Poetry In Motion CDX TDX JH, Golden Retriever.
Owned By: Eileen K. Oshiro and R.J. Oshiro of Cupertino, CA.

05/20/01. Siltara's Heat Lightning, Poodle.
Owned By: Karen M. Felle of Franklin, WI.

05/26/01. CH Regen's Summer Blaze CDX SH, Weimaraner.
Owned By: Shirley Nilsson and Judith Voris of New Westminster, BC.

Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2)

05/12/01. Jo-Lyn's Touchstone UD TDX PT, Shetland Sheepdog.
Owned By: Judith E. Oxley and Jay H. Oxley of New Richmond, IN.

05/13/01. Lime Creek's Punkin Patootie TDX MH, Labrador Retriever.
Owned By: Deborah A. Joseph and Paul R. Young of Stitzer, WI.

05/13/01. Goliath Of Woodview, Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Owned By: Cathy Ann Weil of Cincinnati, OH.

05/13/01. CH Castlewalk Surefire Quest MX AXJ, Border Collie.
Owned By: Beverly Weaver of Overland Park, KS.

05/13/01. CH Elfwish Jasine AX, Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Owned By: Donna Francis and Sandra Wolfskill of Chardon, OH.

05/19/01. CH Brenmars Yr Honor O Maplewood, Belgian Tervuren.
Owned By: Nancy Burka of Durham, NC.

05/19/01. CH Meadowyn's A'Int She Sweet PT AX, Belgian Sheepdog.
Owned By: Joanne E. Kutsch of Prince Frederick, MD.

05/25/01. Asgard's Covergirl PT AX AXJ, Rottweiler.
Owned By: Glenn E. Pollock of Lititz, PA.