Hunting Tests
Fox Valley Retriever Club Hunt Test

July 10 & 11, 2004

The event was held on the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial grounds located just outside of Horicon, WI and property owned by Ray and Elly Muth located Northeast of Theresa, WI about 12 miles away.

This event was first class, typical of just about all of the Wisconsin events that I attend. When I entered the Headquarters building I saw Hunt Test Secretary, Joan Kaml sitting behind a table. On the table were the programs with all of the contestants' names on them, naturally they werelaid out in alphabetical order. At about 8:30 I heard guns being fired and walked outside to watch the start of Junior A then jumped into my truck to see what the judges at Junior B had set up. In my opinion, the testing at both Juniors was well thought out and demanding.

Dave Juedes and Joe Moczyski, the Senior judges, had their work cut out for them and they earned their keep judging 76 dogs. They started out with a double and a blind and, if I remember correctly, a diversion bird. Their over all testing was challenging not only for the dogs but the handlers as well. When a handler walked off the line after having good work, big smiles and sighs of relief were in order because they knew that they were thoroughly tested.

The Muth property, where both Masters were held, I am sure was a joy for the judges. It isn't often that two sets of Master judges have ample land and water in the same vicinity and don't interfere with each other. The testing was rigorous and the general mechanics were very good...just what one would expect from Retriever Clubs in Wisconsin. "I have added some pictures". In closing, I can say that many of the contestants enjoyed the event as much as I did. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

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