Dog Owners Training Club of Lynchburg AKC Herding Test and Trial
Text provided by Donna Rothenberger

Dog Owners Training Club of Lynchburg Great weather (sunshine and a pleasant breeze) dominated for the weekend AKC Tests and Trials at aptly named Breezy Hill Farm in Gladys Virginia on September 11-12, 2005. A full 50 runs were judged by Judge Wink Mason of Virginia on Saturday and Judge Sherrie Lee DVM from Florida on Sunday. Sheep and ducks were herded on both B and A courses, cattle were added for an additional A course. Ducks and sheep were used for PT and HT tests.

Farm owner Roy Johnson had excellent stock and had done a great job of making consistent groupings. A nice variety of herding breeds including Border Collies, Cardigan Corgis, Australian Cattle Dogs, Rough Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Belgian Tervurens competed on many levels. Some dogs showed more finesse and control than others, but the eventual HIGH IN TRIAL award Saturday went to a Rough Collie Sunnyside's Wind In My Sails owned by Dolly Wright of Virginia with a score of 92 from the Started A Duck course. Saylor efficiently moved her ducks through the obstacles of the A course. RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL was Border Collie Silverwinds Lazer Jet CD PT from the Started A Sheep course. On Sunday HIGH IN TRIAL was a talented Border Collie DC Dooly HSBs HXAdsc HXBd owned by Sandra Lindenmuth of Georgia. Dooley slowly moved his stock through the Advanced courses using eye and precision. An occasional quiet command from Sandra kept things on course. His top score was 96.5 from the Advanced A duck course. RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL went to Border Collie HC Hob Nob Chrombase Rocket Red CD from the Advanced A Duck course.

The DOTC club members made the trials fun with lots of prizes and a friendly atmosphere.

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