AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships

Twelfth Annual AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships
April 25 - May 5, 2005
Mile Marker 9 Field Trial Grounds - Marsing, Idaho

Final Day
FC HK's Rockin Rocky a 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer male topped a field of 65 starters to garner the 2005 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship title in the non-retrieving stake. The dog is owned by Roy Yamamoto from Cerritos, CA and handled by Eldon Hongo. Rocky's race was described as an hour of power and that coupled with five quality pieces of birdwork bested the strong field that included 7 of the 10 pointing breeds eligible. Of the 70 dogs entered 46 were Field Champions 7 of which had added National titles.

The judges named Brittany DC/AFC Traveler's Reign of Terra owned by Tom White and Margaret Horstmeyer and handled by Tom to the second place spot. Third went to Craig & Connie Smith's GSP FC/AFC Double C's Chip Shot and forth to Roust About's Revelation a GSP owned and handled by George Wilson. The second, third, and forth place dogs were all handled by amateurs.

Top breed dogs are as follows:
German Shorthaired Pointer – FC HK's Rockin Rocky – Owner – Roy Yamamoto
German Wirehaired Pointer -- DC/AFC/NAFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Dufflin –Owner John Williams
Brittany – DC/AFC Traveler's Reign of Terra – Owners – Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer
English Setter – Tekoa Mountain Trutone – Owner – Paul Fredrick
Vizsla – NFC/FC Onpoint's Sly Coyote

Winner   Placements


Day 3
Partly cloudy skies, moderate winds, and temperatures in the mid 40's greeted judges, handlers, and gallery for the 8am breakaway. Four braces would be run before noon and four after before the judges retired for the day. One brace was lost for scratches. We will start at brace 26 on Tuesday.

Day 2
We again started at 8 am under clear skies, light winds and cool temperatures. One brace was lost today because of a female in heat and seven were completed. We will start Monday at brace 16.

Day 1
Six braces were completed and one brace lost to scratches. We will start Sunday morning at Brace 8.

The Non-retrieving Championship started Saturday April 30 under clear skies and cool temperatures. Seventy dogs are entered which should take at least 5 days. This is a single series stake with braces one hour in length. Judges Angela Schillereff from Portland, Oregon and Jack Sanchez from Central Islip, NY were mounted and ready at 8am for the first of 35 braces.

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Day 5
Day five of the Retrieving Championship was to be the final day. The handlers of the 16 dogs chosen for the second series would let it all hang out in an effort to annex this most prestigious title. The first brace was cast off at 8am under partly cloudy skies and light winds. The conditions would again be excellent for the dogs to hunt the mountainsides for the elusive chukar partridge. After eight hours of riding, watching, and evaluating, the judges retired to a secure area to choose the top four dogs. After deliberating for some time the results were handed to the trial chairman and the placements were read. The following are the results:

FC Dunfur’s PFK Joe Obvious (GSP) – Owner – Mike Jones, Breeder – Steve Short, Handler – Dan Hoke. Named Top GSP

DC/NAFC/AFC Cascade Jagd Freund (GWP) – Owner – Gary & Sandi Wickwire, Breeder – Lynn & Ray Calkins, Handler – Gary Wickwire. Named Top GWP

FC/AFC Redline’s Tequilla Smoker (Brittany) – Owners – Bill & Cynthia Leffingwell, Breeder – Larry Faimon, Handler – Paul Dorion. Named Top Brittany

FC/AFC Quest’s Sly As A Fox MH (GSP) – Owner – Mary & Patrick Ingerson, Breeder – Robert Straight, Handler – Randy Berry.

Top Breed Dogs
Vizsla – NFC/FC Onpoint’s Sly Coyote – Owner –Alex Stokes, Handler – Jim Searles
Gordon Setter – FC/AFC Tomar’s Victory Renegade –Owner– Janet Grunbok/Chris Bury
English Setter – Owyhee Mtn. Lady – Owner/Handler –Dave Amick

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Day Four
The 38th brace broke away at 8am under clear skies, cool temperatures, and a moderate wind. These would be ideal conditions for the dogs but very chilly for participants. The judges would watch the final 10 braces before retiring to select dogs for the second series. After deliberating for about an hour they posted the dogs for Friday’s runoff. The complete listing follows as braced by the judges. The list includes 8 GSP’s, 6 Brittany’s, 1GWP, and 1 ES.

Brace 1
FC/AFC Quests Sly As A Fox MH (GSP) Owners – Patrick & Mary Ingerson / Handler – Randy Berry
FC Quail Rock Tough Enough (Brittany) Owner – Ellen Weinfurtner / Handler – Paul Dorion

Brace 2
DC/NAFC/AFC Cascade Jagd Freund (GWP) Owner/Handler – Gary Wickwire
NFC/FC/AFC Brandilynn Dawn Verrige (GSP) Owner/Handler – Dennis Pennington

Brace 3
FC Dunfur’s PFK Joe Obvious (GSP) Owner - Steve Short / Handler Dan Hoke
Prairie Creek Dan (Brittany) Owners – Robert & Joan Donnell / Handler – Paul Dorion

Brace 4
Huachuca Finn McCool (GSP) Owner – Sandra Dietering / Handler – Bob Dietering
NAFC/FC/AFC Shadow’s Mojo Work’n Owner – Don Pool / Handler – Don Pool or Jack Halford

Brace 5
Sunnyvale Cindy (Brittany) Owner – John Henderson & Barry Miller / Handler – Jimmy Breneathy
FC/AFC Redline’s Tequilla Smoker (Brittany) Owner – Bill & Cynthia Leffingwell / Paul Dorion

Brace 6
Skyline’s Patriot Dakota (GSP) Owner / Handler – Ron Weeks
FC/AFC Dunfur’s Dumazuri Rapscallion (GSP) Owner – Terry Quinn / Handler – Dan Hoke

Brace 7
FC Redline’s Tequilla Twist (Brittany) Owner – Bill & Cynthia Leffingwell / Handler – Paul Dorion
AFC Kasdorf’s Starspangl’s Whizgig (GSP) Owners – Phil & Stevie Casdorph / Handler – Phil Casdorph

Brace 8
Owyhee Mountain Lady MH (ES) Owner / Handler – Dave Amick
CH Mokan Wild Mtn I’m Just A Gigolo Owner – Helen Rogers / Handler – Paul Dorion

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Day Three
Due to two females coming in heat, the day started with brace 26. The skies were partly cloudy with mild temperatures and a gentle wind. The judges would watch 24 dogs (12 braces) with a brief delay in late afternoon to allow a thunderstorm to pass. Only ten braces are left to complete the first series. Cooler weather is predicted for day four but no rain is expected. The judges will then name the dogs to compete in the second series, which will run for 45 minutes.

Day Two
Skies were partly cloudy early with light winds. Hunting conditions were very good with many dogs having multiple finds. Late in the day the skies became threatening with thunderstorms and lightning in the distance. The judges watched 22 dogs (11 braces) before retiring due to the weather. Several dogs from today will be added to the list being considered for the second series. Twenty-four braces completed.

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Day One
Nestled at the edge of the Owyhee Mountains west of Boise, Idaho on the Idaho/Oregon border lies the infamous Milepost 9 Field Trial Area. This is the venue for the 2005 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships. The active and energetic membership of the GSPC of Idaho are host to this years event with strong support from the AKC Performance Events Department staff. Judges Jim Kermott from Jamul, California and Jim Heckert from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania will evaluate the 96 entrants from the nine pointing breeds eligible to eventually crown the 2005 Champion. These gentlemen bring 30 plus years each of training, handling, and judging pointing dogs. They were chosen not only for their experience, but also for their fair and honest reputations.

The first brace broke away at 9am Monday April 25th under dark threatening skies with a light mist in the air. Very good conditions for the dogs but the dark skies left questions about future conditions for the judges, handlers, and gallery. As the morning progressed the skies would open slightly and rays of sunshine began to touch the mountainsides bringing promise of a better day. The judges rode long and hard before retiring, giving their undivided attention to the thirteen braces put before them. The event would resume at 8am Tuesday morning.

AKC Performance Event Dept. staff
Trial Headquarters (Home Sweet Home)

Event Information Judges:
  Retrieving Stake:
       Jim Kermott, Jamul, CA
       Jim Heckert, Mechanicsburg, PA

  Non Retrieving Stake:
       Angela Schillereff, Portland, OR
       Jack Sanchez, Central Islip, NY

Entry Fee:
$125.00. Entries limited to 100 dogs in each Championship. Championships will run consecutively starting with the Retrieving Championship on April 25, 2005.

Special trophies, rosettes, belt buckles and jackets to owners of all placing dogs. TriTronics training collars to the winners of each Championship.

Retrieving Championship- First series is a 30-minute single course. Second series is a 45-minute single course for dogs called back at judges' discretion. Retrieve required in both series.

Non Retrieving Championship - One hour single series. Quail and/or chukar released in both stakes. Horseback handling permitted in both stakes; collaring permitted in both stakes.

All stakes will be judged in accordance with AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog standards. All shooting in the Retrieving Championship will be on course by official gunners. Bitches in season permitted in both stakes.

Open to all AKC registered Pointing Breeds that, within the past two years, have placed first in any AKC Amateur, Open, or Limited Gun Dog stake or have placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th in any AKC Amateur, Open, or Limited Gun Dog stake with at least 13, 18, or 25 starters respectively. Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions are also qualified to enter. Qualifying stakes do not have to be retrieving stakes.

Entries will close at noon MST on April 9. 2005. Drawing will take place at 7:30PM MST same day.

Host Clubs:
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho & American Kennel Club Gun Dog Championships Association.

Trial Secretary:
Brett Webb - 1899 East Mackay, Meridian, ID 83642 Phone: 208-895-0705 E-mail: bmw31972@yahoo.com