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AKC World Coonhunt 2004
Mel Stewart, Field Director

The AKC World Coon Hunt for 2004 was again hosted by the Paint Creek Coon Hunters Club and held at the Ross County Fair grounds in Chillicothe Ohio. Entries for this years event was 82. Headquarters for the hunt was in a large cement block building located within the fair grounds with plenty of room for the beach show and room for several vendors that was present.

The hunt started on Monday the 27th with the opening ceremonies at 12:00 pm. The deadline to confirm for the even number hounds was 4:00 pm. Lee Fink, Hunt Chairman, handled the deadline and check in. At 5:30 pm the drawing of the cast and announce of each cast was handle by Lee. The hounds and hunters headed for the woods at 6:30 PM. On Tuesday the 28th deadline to have the scorecards for the previous night hunt back was 6:00A.M. Then a repeat of the previous day was handle by Lee for the odd numbered hounds. On Wednesday the 29th again the deadline for scorecards was 6:00A.M.

At 4:00 P.M. deadline for confirmation of hounds (All eligible first half of draw) and at 5:30 the cast was drawn and announce by Lee. On Thursday the 30th at 12:00 P.M. a free Chicken lunch was served. Deadline for confirmation of eligible hounds from the odd numbers was 4:00 P.M. Cast were drawn and announce by Lee at 5:30.

On Friday October 1st at 12:15 P.M. Lee Fink announced the top 20 hounds and a picture ceremony for this group held. At 4:00 P.M. the top 20 hounds were sent off with a deadline of 12:00A.M.for their return. Each of the top 20 was hunted individually and must locate, trail and tree a coon to move forward. AFter their return and the scores compiled at 12:15 AM, the draw for the sweet 16 was announced. The casts would leave the fairgrounds at 12:30 A.M. for the hunt.

On Saturday October 2nd 10:00 A.M. entries for the world championship bench show was taken, at 11:30 Awards ceremony for hounds placing 5 thru 20. The Bench Show started at 12:30, and at 3:00p.m. the World Championship Show awards ceremony was held. Winners were:
AKC World Show Champion was County Line Kruegar Owner Christina M. Farthing and Jeffery Farthing
World Show Champion Opposite Sex Cherokee Wind Dancer Owner Joe Powers

At 6:45 PM final cast was announce and left for final hunt. At 3:00A.M. the World Championship Final 4 awards ceremony was held.
The top places went to:

1st Place Nocturnal Horn Owner Jason Park/Handler Chris Posey (see photo below)
2nd Place Hard Knockin Cindy Owner Marc Ruble (see photo below)
3rd Place Posey's Ragged Ridge Jynx Owner Brent Posey (see photo below)

Everyone at this world hunt seem to enjoy it a lot questions about where the hunt will be next year.

View winners below.

Overall Hunting Dog
Ragged Ridge CD
Owner Roger Hall

Treeing Walker Senior Male
Coma's Stylish Jack
Owner Fred Denney

2004 AKC National World Show Champion
County Line Kruegar
Owner Christina Farthing & Jeffery Farthing

2004 AKC National World Show Oppisite Sex Champion
Cherokee Wind Dancer
Owner Joe Powers

Champion Of Champion Females
Scioto River Talon II
Owner Bonnie Casner

Bluetick Junior Female
Creekside Bluelight Special
Owner Chelsea Officer

Redbone Senior Female
Brooke's Cherrie Diamond
Owner George Bailey Jr.

Black & Tan Senior Male--No photo
Tree Talkin Sam III
Owner Earl Crowder Jr.

Redbone Male Puppy--No Photo
Erin's Hard Tymes Mr. Henry T
Owner Erin Thornsbury

Redbone Junior Male--No Photo
Bear Run Sidearm Gone Insane
Owners Jackie Carpenter or Chris Mullinex

Redbone Senior Male--No Photo
Ragged Ridge Big Show Bo
Owner Roger Hall

Treeing Walker Junior Female--No Photo
Winchesters Sweetheart
Owner Cindy Webb

2004 AKC National World Champion
Nocturnal Horn
Owner Jason Park/Handler Chris Posey

2nd Place and 2004 AKC National World Oppisite Sex
Hard Knockin Cindy
Owner Marc Ruble

3rd Place
Posey's Ragged Ridge Jynx
Owner Brent Posey

4th Place
Bray's Saw Buck
Owner Robert Bray/Handler Jeremy Mason

5th Place
Stylish Sport
Owners Scott & Donnie Robinson

6th Place
Wild Mt. Hayes
Owner Jimmy Turner/Handler Mike Countryman
7th Place--No Photo
Hard Knockin Rock
Joe Sommers Jr.

8th Place
Lee's Redeye Daisey
Owners Dan Karshner & Ken Walters
9th Place--No Photo
Park's Sissy
Owner Tom Parks

10th Place
Nocturnal Insane Jane
Owner Pete Sloan/Handler Pearl Mick

11th Place
Owner John Lawhun

12th Place
Bond's Scioto River Slammer
Owner Joe Bond

13th Place
Walbash's Curious George
Owner Ron Shanefelt/Handler Ben Banks

14th Place
Coma's Stylish Jack
Owner Fred Denney

15th Place
Chapman's Ky Slam
Owner Jerry Leviner

16th Place
Bond's Crankin Cracker
Owner Stacey Bond/Handler David Jackson

17th Place
Smokin Stroker
Owner Bob Grim & Carl Doolen/Handler Jason Park

18th Place
Sundown Blaster
Owner Roger Tong

19th Place
White's Prime Time Pride
Owner Kenny Hunt

20th Place
Yate's Ragged Ridge Red Rock
Owner Mike Yates

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