World Agility Championships
World Team in Italy: Day Four

September 23: Montichari, Italy

The teams were up early and traveled to the arena in Montichari for an opportunity to practice on the equipment, get a feel for the footing and watch their competitors practice as well.

All dogs went through the vet check with no problem and the alternate, Kimberly Sisak, was officially added to the team.

The supporters were enlisted to help set the practice courses, which was accomplished in less than two minutes. Many thanks to those supporters as the team was only allotted 18 minutes total for practicing. The USA was the last team to practice and was the highlight of the afternoon. Many countries were present to watch the USA team practice. At the conclusion of the practice, each team member felt confident.

Team Captain, Sharon Anderson and Coach, Dan Dege, attended the Captains meeting while the team members had one last night to enjoy before the rigors of competition.

Tomorrow, we leave for the competition at 7:30am for opening day and parade.

Once again, we would like to thank all of our supporters and sponsors, Iams Dog Food, Clean Run and K9 Advantix.