World Agility Championships
World Team in Italy: Day Three

September 22: Brescia, Italy

The day started off with another perfect sunshine day that afforded the AKC/USA World Agility Team good outside practice weather.

The team boarded a bus and traveled to Brescia, Italy to Dog Energy training school and was generously hosted by Sabrina and company with expresso and food. The equipment provided included a 17 - tire, an unusual broad jump and viaduct to prepare the team. A good practice was had by the small, medium and large team under the direction of coach, Dan Dege.

The afternoon was filled with taking the pictures of all team members and the team group shops. The evening will be filled with a Rouser Dinner attended by 81 World Team supporters that will cheer the team on in Montichari, Italy on Sept 24 - 26, 2004. The uniforms that boast Iams Dog Food, Clean Run and K9 Advantix as sponors will look very handsome in the Olympic-like Opening Ceremony parade on Friday in Montichiari.