World Agility Championships
World Team in Italy: Day Two

September 21: Desenzano, Italy

The day began with sounds of merchants under our hotel window driving in with vans that had huge motorized awnings on them. The street was quickly filled with van after van of every type of product to buy from produce to rugby shirts, jewelry and paintings. The Americans quickly filled the streets and shopped till they dropped. A unique experience that was totally European.

One group of supporters left for Venice to enjoy the canal boat rides while some team members enjoyed a short boat ride on Lake Garda to Sirmione to walk thru Rocca Scaligera Castle.

The view was spectacular from the top of the tower overlooking the water.

The streets are heavy with travelers and all languages can be heard while walking thru the streets.

Other team members stayed in the hotel and relaxed and walked their dogs and prepared for the action-packed days ahead.

Starting the early morning, the team boards a bus to practice and loosen the dogs up for the first time.

Late afternoon brought the first meeting with the security team for the AKC Agility team and supporters. The security group was kind enough to take captain Sharon Anderson and AKC Field Rep Douglas Hurley to the trial site to scope it out.

The AKC USA World Agility team wishes to thank sponsors Clean Run Productions and IAMS Company along with K-9 Advantix for their support.

Companion Events AVP Patricia Krause, Agility World Team Member Barb Davis and other USA supporters on boat tour of Venice Italy