Report Date: 09/24/2021

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Lonelycreek's Make My Day

Name:Lonelycreek's Make My Day
AKC #:WS644130/01 Breed/Variety:Bullmastiff
Birth Date:04/19/2019 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Fawn Black Mask
Breeder(s):Sonya Worley

Lonelycreek's Make My Day
Fawn Black Mask
CH Madness's Prime Time At Lonelycreek
WS397881/05 07-13
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V694662
CH Banstock Bruno Of The North East
WS017852/04 10-04
Fawn Black Mask
OFA30G OFEL30 AKC DNA #V326862
CH Happylegs Boomerang CD
WP719062/02 02-99
Fawn Black Mask
OFA28F OFEL28 AKC DNA #V196438
CH Leatherneck Bit Of Happylegs
WP443446/05 03-94
Fawn Black Mask
OFA24G AKC DNA #V35965
CH Happylegs Full Moon Maxine
WP471198/03 10-95
Fawn Black Mask
CH Happylegs Winniepoo Banstock
WP812515/05 08-00
Red Black Mask
CH Avonlea Storybook Goodfella
WP548956/05 04-96
Red Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V31592
CH Shady Oak Spot Of Happylegs
WP527709/07 10-96
Fawn Black Mask
GCHS CH Lonelycreeks Sassy Pinky Tuscadero
WS237663/02 05-12
Fawn Black Mask
CH Dox Stoneridge Bosco Blend CD RA
WS148274/03 02-07
Fawn Black Mask
OFA26G OFEL26 AKC DNA #V428181
CH Dox Ice Man Of Oakridge
WP984216/03 05-05
Red Black Mask
Dox Clara
WS028830/05 01-06
Fawn Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Princess Cassia
WS142896/02 02-08
Fawn Black Mask
CH Tomboy Prince A Gorges Bow
WP881202/08 01-01
Fawn Black Mask
OFA33F OFEL29 AKC DNA #V163482
Jc's Pretty Peaches
WS022961/01 12-04
Fawn Black Mask
Lonelycreek's The Kind Of Love That Makes You Real
WS580670/07 08-19
Fawn Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Hear The Boom At Blackriver
WS537716/01 11-17
Red Fawn Black Mask
OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA #V826883
Marconian's Boom Shake The Room
WS420976/02 09-16
CH Ridgetop 'N Marconian Cornerstone
WS382541/01 01-13
Red Black Mask
Marconian Hallowed Jewel Of The Nile
WS300534/01 01-13
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
GCHB CH Black River's Fee Fee Le Caniche De Steroides CGC
WS394003/04 10-14
Red Fawn Black Mask
Black Rivers Rhesa Abijah
WS170695/01 02-08
Red Black Mask
AKC DNA #V561695
Watchmans The Foolish Shall Not Stand Atrattlehead
WS291287/02 04-11
Fawn Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Causes Me Joy
WS438392/01 09-16
Fawn Black Mask
CH Fall Brook's Boomer Sooner
WS265164/10 07-11
Red Black Mask
OFA46G AKC DNA #V682226
CH Blackjack Double Down On Bobeck
WS075249/03 08-05
Fawn Black Mask
OFA32G AKC DNA #V478438
CH Lawson's Tara's Miss Scarlet
WS065097/09 09-08
Red Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Serena
WS318407/01 03-12
Fawn Black Mask
CH Ares De Dogosroy
WS303103/01 12-09 (Colombia)
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V569964
Lonelycreeks Mira Isabelle
WS180026/02 12-08
Fawn Black Mask

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