Report Date: 01/17/2020

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Pennies From Heaven Just For Mary

Name:Pennies From Heaven Just For Mary
AKC #:TS371049/01 Breed/Variety:Shih Tzu
Birth Date:11/21/2017 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Liver & White
Breeder(s):Cynthia Davies

Pennies From Heaven Just For Mary
Liver & White
Jewel's Reese Of Lil Bits Boss
TS316420/03 03-18
Vintage Gardens The Boss Born In The U.S.A
TS167166/04 08-15
Brindle Black Mask
Paddi's Kamalei Of Kila-Niko
TS096450/04 09-13
AKC DNA #V713251
Bays Lil Sir Lance Alot
TR877668/03 06-10
AKC DNA #V597500
Keys Lil Chocolate Teddy Bear
TR355263/01 04-06
Liver Black Mask
AKC DNA #V400899
Queen's Guinivere
TR569522/01 10-09
Classy Paw's Spark Of Kilueau
TR860119/01 10-10
Islandis Kona Kei
TR713776/03 03-09
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V567285
Island's Strawberry Bon-Bons
TR530538/01 01-08
Red Black Mask
Paddi's Little Ninja Jet
TS130715/01 09-13 (United States)
Sandra's Chocolate Jazzamatazz
Stone's Chocolate Boy Yoohoo
TR373265/01 09-06
AKC DNA #V460510
Queen Coco Of Homeplace
TR618085/02 02-09
Sandras Playful Bubbles
TR128412/01 10-05
Black & White Black Mask
Donna's Razamataz
TN908799/03 02-03
Brindle & White
Baby Tweety Tzu
TP082894/01 02-03
Gold & White
Wind's Dancing Star-Fire
TS241687/01 06-16
Blue & White Black Mask
Cutie Patooties Ollie By Golly
TS169343/02 03-15
Gold & White Black Markings
AKC DNA #V741456
Tuscany's Tiny Toto
TS074747/01 11-12
Brindle & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V716500
Ja-B's Creme-De-Mint Cappuccino
TR695023/03 01-09
AKC DNA #V587929
Ja-B's Prissy Pied-Piper
TR655412/02 09-09
Black & White
Tuscany's Tiny Sophia
TR840328/03 04-11
Angelbaby Dallas Cowboy
TR710752/01 06-09
AKC DNA #V562388
Angelbaby Minnie
TR668482/02 11-08
Gummerson Lil Aerial
TR758719/04 02-10
Lonestars Rock N Roll Memphis
TR533879/01 11-07
AKC DNA #V517116
Southwyck's "Harley Of Newton'hill
TP170619/03 06-02
AKC DNA #V217363
Southwycks African Queen
TP155682/03 06-02
Lonestar's Pipers Dream
TR486580/01 03-07
Red & White
AKC DNA #V502791
Mtn Valleys Little Rascal
TR101548/02 12-04
Red & White
Mtn Valley's Bobbie Jo
TR274575/03 11-05
Jewel's Sweet Bonny Blue Belle
TS333241/01 05-18
Richmonds Yoshi Me, Now You Don'T
TS278942/01 04-17
Blue Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V860661
Sunset's Sheng Lee Lo Little Walker
TS197385/01 09-15
Black Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V728759
Sheng Lee Hung Lo
TS061081/01 02-13
Black Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V696123
Dee's Lil Sir Render It All
TR866870/02 07-10
Black Gold & Silver
AKC DNA #V620791
Ain'T Just Whistling "Dixie"
TR967796/01 06-11
Black Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V676282
Sunrise Cuddles
TS122954/02 04-14
Gold Black Markings
AKC DNA #V696122
Sunset's Jules Of The Niles
TS062372/04 12-12
Red & White Black Markings
AKC DNA #V667390
Sunset's Classy Mercedes II
TS057358/05 12-12
Sunset's Serenes Spell On You Piper
TS193953/02 03-15
Blue & White Tan Markings
Athena's I Put A Spell On You Paddi
TS133831/02 03-14
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V711012
Paddi's Lil' Boy Blue Sammy
TS006676/01 02-13
AKC DNA #V690358
Classy Paw's Hershey Bliss
TR941644/01 03-12
Serene Sweet And Sassy
TS080152/02 03-13
Red & White
Little Stars Man Of Gold
TR273278/01 11-05
Gold & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V389262
Dolly's Sweet Lady
TR915872/01 04-10 (Thailand)
Red & White Black Markings
AKC DNA #V590162
Richmonds Misty Blues
TS287752/02 06-17
Southern Indiana's Pot Of Gold
TR898578/03 08-11
Gold Black Mask
AKC DNA #V643389
Sweet & Sassy's Smokey Mtn Rain
TR594067/01 07-08
AKC DNA #V602125
Lady's Little Cappy
TR356045/03 12-06
Black & White
AKC DNA #V512095
Lady's Sweet Lilac
TR401227/03 04-07
Empress' Golden Glow Of The Sun
TR523311/08 08-08
Meo's Little Boy
TP269505/01 11-02
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V278651
Webber's Gabbie Of Southwyck
TR189264/04 05-05
Richmonds Laced In Blue
TR925354/02 05-12
Blue & White
Kims Dreaming Chocolate
TR450806/02 09-08
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V694119
Four Pawssues Keepsake Clancy
TR218492/02 08-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V334870
Sue's Keepsake Miss Li Ming
TR204244/01 08-05
Liver & White
Richmonds Kya
TR165237/03 04-05
Black & White
Kims Scotter Bug
TR048670/02 01-04
Blue & White
AKC DNA #V310182
Richmonds Chloe
TR111472/02 01-04
Black & White

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