Report Date: 10/19/2018

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
CH Lonelycreek's A Christmas Wish

Name:CH Lonelycreek's A Christmas Wish
AKC #:WS519456/01 Breed/Variety:Bullmastiff
Birth Date:11/19/2015 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Red Fawn Black Mask
Breeder(s):Sonya Worley

CH Lonelycreek's A Christmas Wish
Red Fawn Black Mask
Ridgetop'N Marconian Rambo
WS427859/04 01-15
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
OFA30F AKC DNA #V786843
GCHS CH Ridgetop's From Russia With Love
WS345305/03 11-11
Red Black Mask
CH Lemabull Pass The Game To Antallis
WS332913/01 10-10 (Latvia)
AKC DNA #V600543
Artic Wind Of Marconia To Antallis
WS128191/04 08-09
Red Black Mask
LV 8352/03
CH Bullstock'N Garroways Nikita
WS269795/01 10-10 (Canada)
Red Black Mask
AKC DNA #V587971
CH Bullstock's Heavy Equipment
WS165087/01 12-09 (Canada)
AKC DNA #V570455
Garroway's Y Not Say Amen
WS070764/01 (Canada)
Marconian Lucky's Charm
WS339678/03 04-13
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
Leatherneck Northern Exposure
WS234713/03 08-10
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V597995
CH Dox Stoneridge Bosco Blend CD RA
WS148274/03 02-07
Fawn Black Mask
OFA26G OFEL26 AKC DNA #V428181
Leatherneck Tornado Alley
WS075935/01 01-08
Fawn Black Mask
Marconian Catch The Spirit
WS173924/07 08-09
Red Fawn Brindle Black Mask
Zevs Ot Antalis'S
WS152243/01 08-06 (Russia)
Fawn Brindle
AKC DNA #V431713
Bright Marconian Star Iz Mira Antallis
WS099262/01 08-06 (Russia)
CH Lonelycreek's Destiny Of Justice
WS360379/02 08-13
Fawn Black Mask
CH Canayda's Street Justice
WS069327/02 12-04 (Canada)
Red Black Mask
AKC DNA #V354667
Albertaprides Northern Justice
WS087982/01 01-05 (Canada)
Red Fawn
Kilroy's Northern Wrangler
WP854657/18 05-04
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V63162
Korik's Espirit Da Rosa
Fawn Brindle
Nightmist's Desert Storm
CKC KE658059
Zildjians Heir To Nightmist
Fawn Black Mask
Nightmist's Taste Of Honey
CKC FQ371345 (Canada)
Lonelycreeks Mira Isabelle
WS180026/02 12-08
Fawn Black Mask
CH Lakeview's Outcast
WS027672/01 11-04
Fawn Black Mask
OFA33F AKC DNA #V386859
CH Lakeview's Laredo
WR011837/01 09-02
Fawn Black Mask
OFA32G AKC DNA #V253564
Little Bigfoot Jenny
WP937744/02 04-02
Fawn Black Mask
CH Lonelycreek's Dulca Destiny
WS098696/02 10-06
Fawn Black Mask
CH Tomboy Prince A Gorges Bow
WP881202/08 01-01
Fawn Black Mask
OFA33F OFEL29 AKC DNA #V163482
Jc's Pretty Peaches
WS022961/01 12-04
Fawn Black Mask

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