Time 2 Beat Class (T2B)

Time 2 Beat is a new AKC agility class that became a titling class effective July 1, 2011. Time 2 Beat is a "hybrid" class built primarily from obstacles from Jumpers With Weaves, with the option of having one to two contacts included on the course. This class is unique, as each dog has the chance to set the "Time to Beat" for each jump height division. This is different than the current AKC classes (Standard and JWW) where the Standard Course Time (SCT) is set by the course yardage as wheeled by the judge. Additionally, this is different than any other AKC agility classes because there is only one course to set for all dogs to compete. This is a time saver for clubs, judges and exhibitors.

Regulations for this class can be found in the Regulations for Agility Trials in Chapter 10.

Time 2 Beat became a new AKC Agility Titling class effective July 1, 2011. This listing will be updated weekly with the trials from across the country that are offering a Time 2 Beat (T2B) class at their event.

Events List – Click here for a list of events offering Time 2 Beat classes

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